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Once a month, Dr. Pence hosts a nutrition seminar to discuss various health and wellness topics. We invite to join us one evening and learn something new from our experienced professional.

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Health & Wellness Seminars

We also hold seminars to help you Increase Energy, Reduce Stress, and Lose Weight!

Hello! This is Dr. Pence and welcome to Greenbrier Chiropractic Center. If you want healthy weight loss, you are in the right place. Over the years I have discovered that many of the common theories of weight loss are wrong. If you search the internet and try various new #trends, you’re going to be disappointed and frustrated. It all conflicts and it is information overload. You don’t need more information; you need less but more quality information. I have created many resources to help you lose weight all based on getting healthy first.

You see, if you shift your goal and focus on getting healthy, your energy, your sleep quality, and many other body problems will improve. You will notice something interesting – your weight will come off faster. I have given hundreds of nutrition seminars on all the services I offer including: belly fat, hormones and body types, I have yet to find just one person who knew how to burn fat. Instead they count calories or think they can exercise those calories off and get thin. What’s missing is the knowledge of how to burn fat, how to use foods and exercise to manipulate your own fat burning hormones. Everything you eat either helps you lose weight or helps you gain weight through the hormone system. But the fast way to lose weight and rejuvenate your metabolism is the healthy way.

Dr Timothy Pence, Greenbrier Chiropractic Center

Dr Timothy Pence,
Greenbrier Chiropractic Center


Many of you are likely familiar with the phrase “canaries in a coal mine”, which refers to the previous practice of miner’s taking canaries into the mines with them in order to detect high levels of dangerous gases. If the concentration of these gases rose too high the exposed canaries... Read More →

Tuesday, Nov 29: Unlocking Potential at Country Roads Crossfit

On Tuesday, Nov 29, you are invited to UNLOCKING POTENTIAL AT COUNTRY ROADS CROSSFIT!!!! Please join us for our Unlocking Potential Seminar at CountryRoads CrossFit in Lewisburg, WV on Tuesday, November 29th. Starting at 4:30pm, I will provide a brief overview of the seminar and perform a physical evaluation on CrossFit athletes before... Read More →

Wednesday, Sept 21 – Body Types: Belly Fat & Metabolism

Each patient has different reasons or causes of their weight issue and therefore each patient will have their own unique solution. Here are some commonalities among stubborn weight cases that I can address in this future doc column: Your workout! Yes, your workout could be actually aggravating your belly fat... Read More →

Tuesday, Aug 30: Unlocking Potential at Country Roads Crossfit!!!

On Tuesday, Aug 30th, learn how to UNLOCK POTENTIAL!!!! Every month we host a seminar. This August our seminar will be held at CountryRoads CrossFit, from 6:30-7:30pm. Please join us!!! This seminar is designed for Crossfit athletes who are working to reach their fitness goals and maximize their physical and mental potentials.... Read More →


Take care of the liver. A priority in any health improvement plan is to support good liver function. Nutritional Response Testing provides a quick, noninvasive, low cost and an exceptionally accurate method to determine the functional state of the liver. Standard medical diagnostics typically detect only pathology or disease of... Read More →

Wednesday, March 23: Nutrition Seminar – EXPOSED: Toxic Chemicals

Are you harboring toxic chemicals? Likely So. You can do something about it. Many pollutants are impossible to escape, but over exposure is avoidable. Toxic chemicals (such as salt, cosmetics, food coloring, paper, and plastics) can easily add to your body burden and many of them can be inhaled, swallowed,... Read More →

Wed. Feb 24 – Nutrition Seminar: Younger, Stronger, Faster!

Amazing Molecules!!! Last June I was introduced to a new idea. That idea was ASEA. This relatively new product is a nutritional support supplement that contains virtually no nutrition as such, but contains stabilized molecules called redox signaling molecules. Their discovery and what they do has created quite a stir... Read More →


Detox! Detox! Detox! We live in a toxic world, this fact is unquestionable, our daily exposure to: 1. Toxins 2. Carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) 3. Harmful chemicals …. are EXTREMELY higher NOW in comparison to a decade ago. It is estimated that before you are even born, the average baby has... Read More →


In the Future Doc practice patients entering with the diagnostic label of Fibro myalgia (FM) are evaluated as any other patient. Most often they will have spinal misalignments and structural imbalances as found by Chiropractic examination. A complete nutritional evaluation and body scan usually reveals organ and glandular weaknesses at... Read More →